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Volunteer Opportunities! — Research, Policy, and Strategy Projects

July 14th, 2011
Hello Everyone!
Here at Queer Ontario, we always have a number of important projects and initiatives on the go, but not always the time, skills or knowledge to get them done. So here’s your chance to get involved with us and to put your mark on one of our key projects!
Below you will find a list of projects that involve some info-gathering, policy work, critical analysis, and report writing that will help us get the ball rolling around the Provincial Election, proposed Federal Government initiatives, and the establishment of LGBTQ Addiction & Mental Health services across Ontario.  These projects can be done from anywhere in Ontario.
If you are interested in getting involved with any of these projects or if you have any questions, please contact Alana, our Research & Education Chair, at alana.boltwood[at]gmail.com.
We hope to hear back from many of you soon!
The Research and Education Committee
Provincial Election Report Card 
/ Project deadline: September 6, 2011
We need people to:
— Look up each major provincial party’s policies, positions and voting record on LGBTQ-related issues;
— Survey each party about their positions and voting records; and
— Present an evaluation of their policies, positions and voting record in the form of a report card or pamphlet.
— (We have a sample 2007 report card for you to start with)
Review of The (Proposed) Federal Omnibus Crime Bill / Deadline: As soon after the bill is released
We need people to:
— Read up on the Bill once it is released and identify any amendments that will have a negative effect on LGBTQ people;
— Develop a list of counter-amendments that will provide a more LGBTQ-friendly alternative;
— Write a report summarizing this information;
— Find out how we can have our points formally considered and discussed in the House of Commons.
LGBTQ Addiction & Mental Health Services in Ontario / Deadline: Various
We need people to:
— Survey the availability (or lack thereof) of LGBTQ-specific A&MH programs / services across the province;
— Brainstorm the ways we can bring LGBTQ-specific programs / services to people across Ontario;
— Consider how to educate the public about this issue and encourage them to apply political pressure;
— Work with other organizations to make these strategies happen.
— (This is a long-term project; volunteers are welcome to work on small or large parts of it.)
Policy Writing / To be completed in 2011
— We are looking for knowledgeable and unapologetic people to write bold policy statements about one or more of Queer Ontario’s active issues, including:
— Public Education (Gay-Straight Alliances, the sexual education curriculum, etc.)
— Trans Human Rights; and
— LGBTQ Institutions (Institutional Accountability)
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