May 27th, 2013

Our Volunteers & Supporters

Queer Ontario is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and generous supporters.  We want to thank each and every single one of you for the wonderful work you do to keep Queer Ontario thriving and growing.


We also want to thank the administrators at and NeoEase, the theme designer, for developing a relatively easy-to-use and attractive web service to update and develop our website.*

Banner Images

All images in the Queer Ontario website banner (at the very top of the page), except for the Queer Ontario Logo, have Creative Commons licenses allowing the public to use these images for free.  Each image is listed below, with a link to the original image, and a link to the corresponding Creative Commons license. **

Ownership / Copyrights

Queer Ontario Website
Copyright © 2011 Queer Ontario. All Rights Reserved

Queer Ontario Logo
Copyright © 2009-2010 Queer Ontario. All Rights Reserved


* Note:  These service providers and authors do not necessarily endorse Queer Ontario.

** Note:  Given the public accessibility of Creative Commons, the image author did not need to be contacted for their images to be used. As such, the authors  necessarily endorse Queer Ontario.

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