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Queer Ontario’s submission to the “Government Education Survey” regarding, Ontario Sex Education Curriculum

December 14th, 2018

This is an open submission to the Government Education Survey from Queer Ontario. We did not actually complete the survey itself but submitted our critique in the first document completed by Nick Mulé. Our Curriculum Response Letter prepared by Robert Teixeira is the second document attached. The third document is a Commentary on the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum from our Chair, Richard Hudler

Please find the three documents in the links below.

  1. Queer Ontario – ON Gov. Ed. Survey 2018 Critique
  2. QO Sex Ed Curriculum Response Letter 15 Dec 2018(SMV)

3. Chair Of QO Commentary:

December 15, 2018

Commentary on the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum

Although you have been instructed not to consult with us by the Campaign Life Coalition,1 for the sake of the best interests of Ontario’s children, we hope that you will listen to some of the things they may not want you to hear. Premier Ford has said “There’s no better teacher than the parents.2

Prior to retirement, this writer worked as a Social Worker including in child welfare agencies. The writer once interviewed a ten year old girl who was pregnant. She had no idea how she got in that condition. It was later ascertained that the father of her child was a family member. Premier Ford, especially when it comes to sex education, parents are not the best teachers. Family homes are very private places and many secrets are well kept behind those walls. It is no surprise that parents want their children to respect them and not challenge their authority, but when it comes to sexual issues, those children must know that they have a right to say “no” to adults, even parents. Social agencies can tell you that most child abuse, including sexual abuse, occurs in the home.
It is to the credit of the current provincial government that they are allowing the 2015 curriculum to stand when it comes to high school aged children. Younger children also need information to be able to protect themselves and to assure that they get this information, they need to learn it in schools. It must also be noted that bullying of gender non-conforming and children acknowledging their same sex attractions is rampant in grade schools. These children need to learn that there is room for them in our society.

No doubt those encouraging you not to listen to us do not fit the description of families above and provide adequate sex education to their children. However, by opposing comprehensive sex education in the schools, they are enabling those who would exploit the sexual ignorance of children within the general society and even in their own ranks.

If you are truly concerned about protecting children and not just anxious to get certain votes, please ensure that Ontario’s children receive comprehensive sex education throughout their school experience.

Thank you,
Richard Hudler

1 Fonseca, Jack. Campaign Life Coalition. LifeSiteews. July 11, 2018, https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-ontario-ford-tories-to-repeal-wynne-sex-ed-by-september
2 Ford, Doug. CP24 Television, July 17, 2018.



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