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The NO MORE SHIT! Remembrance Project

February 4th, 2011

The NO MORE SHIT! Remembrance Project

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Operation Soap — the infamous bathhouse raids of 1981 that saw the pillaging of four Toronto bathhouses and the charging of 309 men as keepers and found-ins of a common bawdy house — Queer Ontario has printed and pasted a number of posters throughout the City of Toronto to initiate a remembrance process that looks back on the events of February 5th and the community uprising that let the City and the Metro Toronto Police know that enough was ENOUGH!

As part of this process we invite you to share with us your recollections of the 1981 bathhouse raids and the demonstrations that followed shortly after — the demonstrations of February 6th, for example, those of February 20th, or even the Gay Freedom Rally of March 6th, the predecessor to our present-day Pride festivities! Tell us how these actions on the part of the Metro Police and the gay and lesbian community affected your sense of community, your sense of self, and, yes, even your sense of the Police force and the City. How do you feel the events of 1981 have shaped Toronto’s LGBTQ community to this very day?

Feel free to send us an email at info@queerontario.org or share your story with us in our comments section below so they can be archived on the world wide web for easy access by current and future generations.

Let’s work together to keep our stories alive,

The Queer Ontario Political Action Committee

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