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Announcing the Queer Ontario ‘Pressing Issues’ Survey

February 8th, 2012 Comments off

We are excited to announce the launch of the Queer Ontario Pressing Issues Survey, one of the many new projects we will be rolling out in the next couple of months to reach out to LGBTQ* individuals across Ontario, and to expand our work beyond Toronto.
The survey has been created so LGBTQ people across the province can provide us with a list of the issues they feel are most important to them as LGBTQ persons, which we will then use to develop projects and initiatives that are relevant to a greater number of LGBTQ people province-wide. As such, your participation will be greatly appreciated and will be invaluable to our work and direction as an organization.
About the Survey
The survey itself consists of five questions, which should take approximately 3-10 minutes to answer. We have both an
online version and a Word (.doc) version available for you to use.
Indeed, this research and re-focusing will take place while we continue our work on our two core issues: the fight for ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ in the Ontario Human Rights Code, and the creation of safer spaces for LGBTQ youth across Ontario.
If you have any questions about any of the above, do not hesitate to contact us at — we will be more than happy to answer them!
Looking forward to serving you better,
The Queer Ontario Steering Committee
PO Box 822, Station A
Toronto,Ontario M5W 1G3
Facebook: Queer Ontario
Twitter: @queerontario


* Note:  For the purposes of this survey, ‘LGBTQ’ will refer to individuals who are marginalized because of their sex, gender, and/or sexuality. This includes, but is not limited to: individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, agender, two-spirited, cross-dressing, intersexed, neutrois, asexual, pansexual, polyamorous, kinky, and/or nudist. This survey is also open to allies who can assist us in our work.
We know that forms of oppression based on sex, gender, and/or sexuality cannot be seen in isolation from other forms of oppression, so we encourage their joint articulation as well.

Transcending the Provincial: LGBT Liberationist Activism in Ontario – From CLGRO to Queer Ontario

September 1st, 2011 Comments off

A presentation given by Nick Mulé, Chairperson of Queer Ontario, at the We Demand: Sex / Activism / History in Canada Conference that took place in Vancouver, BC from August 25 to August 28, 2011.

A mere three years and four months following the 1971 “We Demand” demonstration in Ottawa, the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario (CLGRO) was founded. Very much based upon the principles of the “We Demand” document, over the next 34 plus years CLGRO was at the forefront of the lesbian and gay movement in Ontario. This paper examines how CLGRO was influenced by the “We Demand” action and how it in turn became an influential forerunner within the LGBT movement not only provincially, but nationally and internationally. Underscoring the work of CLGRO and its successor Queer Ontario is the politic of queer liberationism. As such, a queer liberationist perspective has and continues to distinguish the work of CLGRO and Queer Ontario. In a climate in which a neo-liberal, mainstreaming, assimilationist approach dominates both from within and without the LGBT movement, the work of queer liberationists is compounded and multi-layered requiring a critical discourse that questions and challenges on all fronts including within the movement itself. With the number of political LGBT groups decreasing across the country, and fewer and fewer of those remaining undertaking a liberationist agenda, the movement is at risk of sliding into a heteronormative and cisgendered worldview. Queer liberationists, as exemplified by CLGRO and Queer Ontario, through principled work based on the integrity of the original “We Demand” calls for change provide a progressive, alternative voice to the status quo, towards ensuring diversity both within LGBT communities and in broader Canadian society.
The PowerPoint Presentation:

Employment Opportunity: Videographer, Queer Liberation Theory Project

April 20th, 2011 Comments off


York University and Queer Ontario,
Queer Community Development Research Project

Employment Opportunity/Position
Part-time Contract Videographer (3 months)

Title of Research Project
Queer Liberation Theory: Resurrection and Development

Principal Investigator (PI)
Dr. Nick Mulé
School of Social Work
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

York University
4700 Keele St.
Toronto, Ontario M3P 1J3
416.736.2100 Ext. 66325

Term of Employment
May – July 2011

Overview and Purpose of the Research Project
This research project will resurrect the principles of the historical gay liberation movement, re-contextualize them within a modern era discourse, translate the findings in theoretical terms and disseminate them via multimedia approaches to further queer liberation movement community development and public education.

Videographer Responsibilities (in conjunction with the PI)

1. To video-record interviews with activists and academics who engage queer liberation theory and activism for public education and queer community development purposes

2. To conceptualize, edit and create a short documentary featuring highlights of interviews in association with theoretical themes

3. To archive full interviews with each study participant

4. To upload documentary short and full-scale interviews on all relevant Queer Ontario social media outlets

5. To ensure documentary short is produced in a format that is accessible for public screenings

Videographer Tasks

• Engage in a team-based conceptualization of the documentary short with PI, research assistant (RA) and Queer Ontario
• In conjunction with the PI and RA, video record a series of interviews with study participants
• Work in collaboration with PI and RA in coordinating and scheduling interviews
• Contribute to a team-led approach to editing video recorded interviews for both the production of a documentary short and full-scale individual interviews for online viewing (including editing, promotion and outreach) and public screenings
• Ensure final product of the documentary short can be utilized in multimedia and research-based theatre-style presentations
• Produce a monthly time sheet and meet with PI and Queer Ontario as required for timely completion of the project

Hours of work
Flexibility required as hours per week dependent upon scheduling of interviews and editing process over a 3-month period.

Flat Rate of Pay: $1,200

Videographer Qualifications

• College or university training in film making an asset. Previous experience, related degree or community-based skills will also be considered.
• Knowledge, familiarity and comfort with contemporary queer and trans communities and cultures
• History of community-based activism, voluntary work or academic-community-based project interface
• Participation in social justice activities, community advocacy and civic engagement an asset
• Familiarity working in an anti-oppression framework
• Demonstrated video recording, editing, production, organizational and independent working skills
• Familiarity with academic queer theory literature, Canadian gay and lesbian and trans history and activism an asset
• Must have access to or own HD equipment and be familiar with film making software
• Detail oriented, outstanding organizational skills with the ability to meet Project deadlines and requirements
• Ability to work effectively independently, with individuals and in a team environment utilizing strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Respectful of research ethics and Project accountability

Please send electronic copy of Cover Letter, Résumé and/or CV, and a list of 2 current references to the attention of: Dr. Nick Mulé at by 5:00 PM on May 4, 2011. Please include, “Queer Liberation Theory-Videographer” in the subject line.

Equal opportunities statement

York University and Queer Ontario are committed to Employment Equity and encourage applications from all qualified candidates. We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Date of Posting: April 19, 2011